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Business Solar

Business Solar

Going Green Keeps You in the Black!

Save thousands per month, while increasing your equity as a business.

Meeting Your Bottom Line

Going Solar Makes Good Business 'Cents'!

All businesses know that both operating and energy costs go hand-in-hand. With federal programs geared to making businesses more energy efficient, converting to solar energy is the next logical step in making responsible, environmentally and financially sound business decisions.

Businesses reducing their dependencies on fossil fuels not only will enjoy tremendous long-term tax benefits, they will also attract new customers devoted to supporting businesses that are progressive and willing to embrace new technologies. Hays Energy Services can assist businesses by reducing mandatory operating costs, thereby making businesses more attractive on paper while potentially increasing their equity.

Tax Credit

Save money by investing in the long-term benefits of Solar Energy!

Increased Equity

By investing in renewable energy, the value of your business may inherently increase!

Clean and Renewable Energy

Power your business with the sun, and free yourself from Fossil Fuels!