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Which areas of Houston, Texas are ideal for home solar installation?

Texas has witnessed the growth of solar power in the recent years following the campaign to invest more on renewable energy. The prices for producing solar power have also gone down and many people are thinking on how to produce, transmit, and sell power. Many customers across Houston would like to have 100 percent renewable energy for their homes. Many states across the United States wants to reduce their carbon footprint and solar companies in Houston too are scrambling to come up with ideal business models and infrastructure that can support renewable energy effectively and efficiently.

The use of solar power for homes comes with several advantages, such as the ability to manage your own power bills, the possibility of selling excess power to the grid, and reduction of greenhouse gases which are contributing to the climate change. However, Texas does not have a metering law which binds utilities to buy back excess power but some utilities usually credit solar owners for the excess power that their solar panels generate. Some of the installers that offer credit for the excess power generated include Reliant, Centerpoint, Green Mountain Power, TXU, Amigo Energy, among others. With homes seeking to shift to solar power and abandon fossil fuels, it becomes important to evaluate places which are perfect for solar power installation within Houston, Texas.

Even though Texas is well known for its generation of fossil fuels such crude oil and natural gas, studies shows that Texas has great potential for renewable energy. Houston specifically has also been regarded as the center of oil and gas industry in the United States. Some people have gone ahead to nickname Houston “The Energy Capital of the World”. However, Houston is adopting a new name as a place for cleaner and more reliable place for solar panels installations. In the year 2017, solar energy grew by about 20 percent in Houston and the numbers have continued to improve in both 2018 and 2019. So, many local solar companies are creating different options and offers for home owners to choose from. The companies are also giving better credits for excess power generated by solar panels installed in various homes, giving locals the inspiration to invest in solar energy.

The solar industry supported 9,396 jobs in Texas through 2016, up 34% in the last year. This economic development is likely to continue with the 14,498 MW of solar projects currently in development within the Electricity Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) territory. Under its current rate of growth, solar energy will represent 12.5% of generation by fuel type in 2031.

Harris county, which is home to Houston, has only around two thousand solar installations according to a 2019 study. This places Harris county, which is the largest Texas county in terms of population, at number 143 out of the possible 254 counties within Texas for solar development. Generally, the whole of Houston is ideal for solar energy. This is because most parts of Houston are well covered by sunshine. These areas includes Pasadena, Sugarland, The Woodlands, Humble, Brookshire, Katy and within Houston itself.

All that matters is how the solar panel contractor or the solar electrician is going to position the solar panels. The solar panels should be positioned in a way that they are able to capture the maximum sunlight. Sometimes, they should be installed at an angle depending on the positions of the sun during the day. Hence, Houston is an ideal place for home solar power installations. The area also possesses the capacity to transform the Texas energy market which has been dominated by fossil fuels for years.


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